Behold the masterpiece in progress

It was a rainy start to Sunday morning in Rhode Island.  And by rainy, I mean downpouring.  And by downpouring, I mean that I was praying for the roof to hold in church during the Prayers of the People.  I found out after church, that my 11 yr old daughter was doing the same….

So with that in mind, I texted the hubby and asked if he wanted to play DDO during lunch.  Headed home after church, made the pizzas and sat down to finish Korthos with our newly TR’d characters.

We were on a roll.  Finished all the inside quests including Misery’s Peak and just took the boat to Stormreach to continue when there was a knock on the door.  It was hubby’s dad.  Sad sigh.  Close the game and entertain.   Hope it is a quick visit.  But alas, no.  Next comes my brother in law with three kids in tow.  Dude, it is rainy. I now have five kids in my house.  Get in the basement playroom!!!!!

I start twitching.  I wanna play DDO……..queue thinking of throwing a tantrum.  Would it work?  Don’t think so.  Plus we are working with our 9 yr old who has Autism on reducing her meltdowns.  Mommy throwing one would send the wrong signals.  I hate being a grownup sometimes.

My eyes start to glaze over.  So I start thinking of my other addiction,  I mean hobby.  I had been looking at a beholder crochet pattern on Ravelry that morning but had not found one I liked.  So off I went into the basement to grab yarn while the boys discussed sailing.  I mean sailing is fun.  That is if you do not get seasick.  I get seasick.  Bad.  As in almost had to go to the hospital-seasick.

I found some hideous orange acrylic yarn.  Perfect for a beholder.  I happily go outstairs with my yarn, walking past the hellspawn in the playroom,.  Sit down in my chair.  Father in law had left while I was rummaging for yarn.  Happily start crocheting a ball for my beholder’s body.  Brother in law and his spawn leave.  Now it is just my spawn.

Can I go on DDO now?  Nope.  My dad shows up for dinner.  Sigh.  More entertaining.  Cannot even work on beholder prototype.

My dad left about 7.  So I grab my yarn and start working on the beholder.  Until my 11 yr old daughter told me that she had successfully updated the FTP DDO on her system and wanted me to play with her.  How do you say no to that?  So I take out my Mommybot cleric who runs only with her fighter, Pinkabelle.  We run through one of the House D Depths quests and then off to bed with her.

At last.  My yarn.  My beholder body and I sit on the couch while I crochet an eye stalk and an eye.  Squueeeee…..


Monday,  I was able to get two more eyestalks and eyes attched.  I used doubled pipecleaners for supporting the stalks.   I just cannot get the eyes to be right.  Hubby thinks they should be smaller but there is the limitation of how small I can crochet with the worsted weight yarn.

wpid-20150622_101656.jpg wpid-20150622_151532.jpg wpid-20150622_161033.jpg

So we run Von2 and Von3 last night with Geoff Hanna’s Gamer Girl and I crushing the boys in the kill count.  Enough that Geoff was begging to be allowed to kill something and kill stealing when possible and my hubby thinking outload of respecing his pally.  So those Vons have lots of beholder and my hubby is making IRL comments on how to improve my wee beholder.

One more eyestalk added.  Today I will just work one eyes to see which come out better.  Perhaps a change in yarn weight.

But isn’t he just the cutest????!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Behold the masterpiece in progress

  1. grimorde

    I love it! And I think the eyes to body ratio is pretty good. I guess you could make the body a bit bigger to compensate but I think he’s way cuter as he is 😛


  2. InTheHouse

    I would pay real money, or Astral Shards (which is pretty much the same thing), for one of your Beholders.


  3. DukeHazzard

    I know that feeling of hollow entertaining with a DDO twitch! Do people not schedule things anymore? I agree with the comment about maybe a bigger body to match the eye stalk size but it’s freaking great as is and yes, I would pay for one if you were selling.



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