Some parents teach the ABCs while we teach the MMOs

Last week was the first full week of summer vacation.  That means that my eldest daughter needs to come home on Monday morning from day camp with a pounding headache two hours into the day.  My 11yr old is the greatest kid on the planet.  She volunteers her time monthly at church and through Girl Scouts.  However, that goes to hell in a handbasket when she is sick.  She turns into a whiny and teary child with arms like suckers.  So we quickly paid the extra money for the walk-in clinic at 7:00 OM when I got off of work, rather than waiting for the morning.  As suspected, Strep.  So she is home with me for the next two days.  Luckily, I can work from home.

By 11:00am on Tuesday, she was BORED!!!!  So I told her to log her fighter on and go get some kills in Cerulean Hills.  She eagerly started hunting some kills, but the strep headache kicked back in. so she headed back to the couch.

That night, as we logged on for Guild Night, I look over at her computer and see this:


For those in the know, that is the Stormreach load screen……Off she goes for more kills.

As 830pm approaches, I tell her that it is time for bed as I am tossing heals around in the Demonweb.  “Not yet, Mom.  I am only 10 kills away from 400 kills.”  What is any geek parent do? I pop over and show her how to reset the instance.  She gets her kills, collects her xp and heads happily off to bed.

Wednesday morning comes and I kept her home just to rest.  She logged on DDO at 830am, but announced that she was BORED with Cerulean Hills already.  At level 4, I deem her big enough in her britches for Tangleroot Gorge, only to realize that she is on our FTP account and that I have to buy the expansion set.

Meanwhile, I decide to teach some navigation and map reading skills.  My husband and guildies are rolling on the floor, holding their stomachs, with tears in their eyes at that statement.  Yes, I am directionally-impaired.  But who better to teach the map-reading skills than someone who has had to painstakingly teach herself???

I buy the expansion set and she found the caravan to Tangleroot Gorge.  She headed out and started getting some kills.  I opened the Wiki map on her tablet. Told her that she was on her own until my lunch and then I would run some explorers with her.

Meanwhile, Geoff Hanna sent me the link to his explorer and rares walkthrough guide, Mastering Tangleroot Gorge,  and put that on her tablet.  She played for about 30 minutes and then had to charge her tablet.

So my lunch comes and we both pop over to Tangleroot.  We knock out 4 rares and a few explorer points with her leading the way using the walkthrough.   She is super excited.  I had to head back to work but she continued getting some more kills.  The guide is fabulous, btw.  She can sit there by herself with the wiki map and the guide and find her own way around.

By Friday afternoon, she and I have run the first 4 sections of Tangleroot on Normal.  We got 3 of Whisperdoom’s daughters in Part 3!  At this point, she is over 200 kills, has all explorer points and needs only 3 more rares.

Some parents teach their children their ABCs while in this geek household, we teach the MMOs……

Life is good.


5 thoughts on “Some parents teach the ABCs while we teach the MMOs

  1. judyenaz Post author

    It is so awesome. She ended the night by watching us running through Temple of Elemental Evil. She pulled up a stool and was asking who was who and what their character classes were. She loved your monk. She likes the idea of using her fists instead of a sword. Told her she had to work more with a fighter before she got another character.



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