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Ahem… is me.

Dusting off the mic.  Wiping away the cobwebs.  Trying to find where I put everything.

I have not posted a blog post since May of 2016.  As soon as we got back from Disney, I started my Christmas crafting projects.  Christmas Crafting may not sound like much, but I had two double-knit scarves to knit.

Double knitting is a knitting technique that allows you to produce a double layer of Stockinette stitch fabric with mirror-image colorwork while knitting both layers at the same time.

Here is an example of Pink’s Star Wars Double-knit scarf. The hyperlink with bring you to my Ravelry project page which has more pictures.

As you can see, one side is Black for the Dark Side and the other is a self-striping rainbow yarn for the Light Side.  It is almost 6ft long.

My husband also got a double knit scarf.  The difficult with his is that I used lace weight yarn(really thin) on size 0 needles(really tiny).   There were 10 charts.  Each chart had 8 rows. Each row is 100 stitches.  That is 80,000 stitches.

Here is his The Name of the Doctor. The hyperlink with bring you to my Ravelry project page which has more pictures.

Then there were the 4 pairs of gloves/mittens, one lace shawl with beads, two baby sweaters, two Denver Broncos Halfling Commandos, one toddler quilt and one full-size quilt for Tessa.

Oh, then there is work.  My company decided to sell us to a vendor company like we were chattel.  After working for this unnamed insurance company since 1999.  Very uncool.  Plus I have had three different supervisors in the meantime.  Three different people to bring into dealing with me.

Our DDO gaming dropped a bit as well.  Listening to people complain in my ear for 8+ hours a day made putting on my headphones and trying to keep people alive seem like torture.  Clericing had gotten VERY stale.  I was getting to the point of wanting to let people die just for the fun of it.  Woah…..backaway!!!  So we aimed to play Gnome Gnight, Halfling Commando night, and Halfling Commando raid night.  Gnome Gnight is hard as I work a 9 hour day until 7:00pm.  Getting on for 8:00pm can be torture depending on my days.  So, some nights we do not play.

Someone, who may or may not have a blog and may or may not have a Gamer Girl, mentioned another game to relieve some of my stress playing cleric.  We met those folks, who shall remain nameless to protect their identities, over on Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO is a lot easier for me to play by myself.  I love DDO and have no intention of leaving, but I get lost very easily inside quests.  Plus, I do not solo well in DDO with the healing-based clerics that I build to help the guild and Pink.  I love being able to just run through destroying things in ESO.  It gives me a better outlook so that I can come back and play cleric on DDO.

I let it slip to Pink on New Year’s Eve that I had let my blogging fall behind this year.  She was most displeased.  I told her that I would start up again.  And my husband already reminded me twice.  It does not help that I am like a squirrel with ADD on coffee.

So here we go again…..starting off in the New Year.  Still Geekmom.  Still will blog about Geeky things, family, crafting, and gaming.  May add in some ESO for the fun of it.  I have two geeky knitting project planned that I hope to enter into competition.  So it shall be a fun year.

Hope all is well with you!






On a lighter subject….

There is a vulgar three-letter word right now in DDO.  It was bandied about prior to the server move, but has become quite commonly yelled in party chat, general chat, DDO forums and blog posts.  However, in light of this, I am not writing about it.

I am writing about DRESSES.  Particularly the dresses that I am making Pink and I for PAX EAST 2016!!!!

I am giving enough warning for those who may be less than impressed with fabric choices a chance to move on from my blog post today.  But for those interested, READ ON!

Pax East tickets went on sale while Pink was in the hospital.  It was a week after her emergency surgery and were bought as a bribe to make her smile.  Coincidentally, it was last day of her running post-operative infection fevers.

She was the envy of her older cousins at Christmas when she announced that I was taking her to Pax East.  Her cousins are 30, 28 and 24 so she felt quite special that they were jealous.  But she was still recovering, so no flushies were threatened.

Have I left enough room for those not interested in fashion to back out?  Oh well, if not, consider yourself warned.

Pink has been trying to decide what to wear to Pax East.  She is really hoping to meet some folks from DDO there.  And as she is a 12 yr old girl, outfits are important.  She really wants a pink wig that I can style into her character’s hair.  Ordering the wig is easy.  Hairstylist, I am not…..

As for the outfit, I asked her if she just wanted a dress made out of video game fabric.  WAY easier than trying to make armor!!!  Of course, this was before Yaya Han released coplay fabric to Joann’s Fabric.  Pink originally wanted Pokemon.  I was thinking more old school like Mario.  First, we had to decide on a pattern.  We wanted something girly but simple.  We found this pattern:

pink pattern

Now, back to questing for the perfect gaming fabric.  I thought that the Pokemon choices were slightly childish.  And she agreed.  We were looking at the Mario when something caught my eye on an end-cap.  It was a Link fabric.  But not the cartoony Legend of Zelda characters, but something darker and with more substance.


She fell in love with it!!!  We are doing pattern D with contrasting godet.  Godet for those not in the know, is the contrasting panel on the dress.  We went with a gorgeous olive leaf print.


It matches Link’s tunic and cap perfectly!!!

She is extremely excited and wants this dress done yesterday.  I think I know what I will be doing on my lunch break.

Now, if my fabric choices were only so easy.  I am jealous that she chose this one because I would have liked it myself.   I am torn between the following:

Any help?

***I am really hoping that there are some folks from DDO/Turbine at Pax East.  Pink is so excited!****

Behold the masterpiece in progress

It was a rainy start to Sunday morning in Rhode Island.  And by rainy, I mean downpouring.  And by downpouring, I mean that I was praying for the roof to hold in church during the Prayers of the People.  I found out after church, that my 11 yr old daughter was doing the same….

So with that in mind, I texted the hubby and asked if he wanted to play DDO during lunch.  Headed home after church, made the pizzas and sat down to finish Korthos with our newly TR’d characters.

We were on a roll.  Finished all the inside quests including Misery’s Peak and just took the boat to Stormreach to continue when there was a knock on the door.  It was hubby’s dad.  Sad sigh.  Close the game and entertain.   Hope it is a quick visit.  But alas, no.  Next comes my brother in law with three kids in tow.  Dude, it is rainy. I now have five kids in my house.  Get in the basement playroom!!!!!

I start twitching.  I wanna play DDO……..queue thinking of throwing a tantrum.  Would it work?  Don’t think so.  Plus we are working with our 9 yr old who has Autism on reducing her meltdowns.  Mommy throwing one would send the wrong signals.  I hate being a grownup sometimes.

My eyes start to glaze over.  So I start thinking of my other addiction,  I mean hobby.  I had been looking at a beholder crochet pattern on Ravelry that morning but had not found one I liked.  So off I went into the basement to grab yarn while the boys discussed sailing.  I mean sailing is fun.  That is if you do not get seasick.  I get seasick.  Bad.  As in almost had to go to the hospital-seasick.

I found some hideous orange acrylic yarn.  Perfect for a beholder.  I happily go outstairs with my yarn, walking past the hellspawn in the playroom,.  Sit down in my chair.  Father in law had left while I was rummaging for yarn.  Happily start crocheting a ball for my beholder’s body.  Brother in law and his spawn leave.  Now it is just my spawn.

Can I go on DDO now?  Nope.  My dad shows up for dinner.  Sigh.  More entertaining.  Cannot even work on beholder prototype.

My dad left about 7.  So I grab my yarn and start working on the beholder.  Until my 11 yr old daughter told me that she had successfully updated the FTP DDO on her system and wanted me to play with her.  How do you say no to that?  So I take out my Mommybot cleric who runs only with her fighter, Pinkabelle.  We run through one of the House D Depths quests and then off to bed with her.

At last.  My yarn.  My beholder body and I sit on the couch while I crochet an eye stalk and an eye.  Squueeeee…..


Monday,  I was able to get two more eyestalks and eyes attched.  I used doubled pipecleaners for supporting the stalks.   I just cannot get the eyes to be right.  Hubby thinks they should be smaller but there is the limitation of how small I can crochet with the worsted weight yarn.

wpid-20150622_101656.jpg wpid-20150622_151532.jpg wpid-20150622_161033.jpg

So we run Von2 and Von3 last night with Geoff Hanna’s Gamer Girl and I crushing the boys in the kill count.  Enough that Geoff was begging to be allowed to kill something and kill stealing when possible and my hubby thinking outload of respecing his pally.  So those Vons have lots of beholder and my hubby is making IRL comments on how to improve my wee beholder.

One more eyestalk added.  Today I will just work one eyes to see which come out better.  Perhaps a change in yarn weight.

But isn’t he just the cutest????!!!!!


What do you get your geek husband who puts up with your obsessions all year?  Who puts up with you nearly burning down the house while running the self-cleaning cycle on the stove on Wednesday? And then has to rewire all the smoke alarms because you ripped out all the alarms by the wires?  Opps sorry babe.

Last year, I got him bourbon drinking glasses which were a hit but sort of self-serving as I drink bourbon with him.

I had started knitting him a sweater last year based on BBC’s Sherlock but put it aside for other things.


I pulled it out of my WIP(work in progress) pile and started again but needed more yarn.  Knit Picks has it backordered until July.  Nope.  Not going to able to finish that in time.   Birthday or Christmas, I guess.

So I head off to Ravelry to search for patterns.  Oh boy, can that be trouble! !!  Hours later of searching patterns and project pages, I have a ton of ideas.

Added another project for Birthday/Christmas. A Doctor Who scarf called The Name of the Doctor.

In the name of the Doctor

Now, it is double knitted meaning that you knit with two contrasting yarns on each side to create a picture on main color and contrasting color side.  Gorgeous.   Never done double knitting,  let alone with lace weight as suggested.  Do some practicing but it will take months.  Bought the pattern.

Found a designer that has created a whole line of Doctor Who amigurumi  patterns including all the Doctors, Darleks, companions, and a TARDIS.  Omg, too freaking cute!!!!

dr who

Bought the David Tennant amigurumi.   See a pattern?  Pun intended.

Next found a designer who created a sock pattern inspired by each one of the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings.  Gandalf is real cool.


Bought the pattern.

So I went looking to find a pattern to make my husband a gift for Father’s Day and ended up buying three different patterns for a total cost of 22.00 before I even got the yarn and made something from the patterns.


Perhaps, that is not the way to go.  Maybe I could rework one of his DDO characters.  He says that since I have been following DDOUnlimited and others on Twitter talk about Warlocks, I am responsible for TRing his 20th level drow wizard into a warlock come release day.  But that might not be time for Father’s Day.  Plus, I am good at building clerics.  Unless the guild wants him to start running his cleric…..hey, wait a minute…..if he runs his cleric I get to run my fighter!!  WIN!!!!!!  Oh wait, self-serving again.

Sigh….back to the drawing board.

My poor husband.

Confessions of a Geek Mom

Confessions of a Geek Mom

I am a geek. I am a mom. We are raising geeks in our house. I love Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Firefly(yes, I am still bitter) and a host of other geek movies and shows.
I play online video games. I love Dungeons and Dragons Online(DDO), but have played Star Wars, LOTRO, Age of Conan and a few others. I have used my eldest daughter run my character through open areas in DDO while I worked on dinner.
I have played table top D&D and Vampire the Masquerade. I met my husband playing D&D. He was my dungeon master. (I giggle typing that…sounds dirty). I have been to conventions. I have played in LARPS.
My geek status is not sci-fy based. I also am a fiber geek. I crochet and knit. I spin yarn with a lovely Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel. I dye yarn in my kitchen. I especially like to create geeky designs. I just finished knitting a GOT-inspired shawl called Stormborn that I plan on painting to match the wings of a character in my favorite set of novels. Spinning yarn is not just the newest hobby; it is assuring my role in a post-apocalyptic society.
I read paranormal romance novels. Yup…more geek. Thank heavens for Kindles. No one can see the smut I read.
I am raising a daughter who has read all the Harry Potter books and is excited to go to Girl Scout Camp this summer for a Muggle No More session for a whole week of Harry Potter-themed camp. She is hoping that they are all sorted into Houses.
I have tried blogging before but got bored. Plus, my first blog had a bit to do with my younger daughter’s struggles with autism. I got worried that she would use “THE GOOGLE” when she was older and see those posts. So I stopped out of respect for her privacy. So I thought about blogging about all my crafty geekness but then had to have two shoulder surgeries, so that fell aside.
But after reading my friend’s blogs about gaming, life with gaming, friends and gaming, I decided that I really could combine them all in one blog. And now that I am friends with “THE TWITTER”, I can post to more people. I am not going to be as famous as Geoff Hanna but who needs fanbois and fangrls?
I just want to have fun.