The Hobbit as a teaching tool

My husband and DDO partner-in-crime is away on business this week.  As a result, Pink and I have not felt like playing.  Mostly, because we want to wait until he comes home to experience Update 31 and the three new quests together.

Instead, Pink and I have been watching the extended version of The Hobbit-An unexpected journey.  We have been watching about 30-45 minutes a night before her bedtime.  Just the two of us, sitting on the couch with popcorn and a movie.

There are many quotes that I loved from the books and movies, but this is one of those teaching moments.


Pink, my rainbow baby, be that ordinary folk that helps keep the darkness at bay.  Remember each day to perform some act of kindness and love.  Be the person who brings courage to others.  Love, Mommy.

Pink’s First Shroud

We completed Pink’s first Shroud Wednesday night.  It was a total blast.  It almost did not happen.  Pink came home from after-school care with a splitting headache. I gave her some Motrin and sent her up to her room.  She slept through dinner.  But she perked up at 8PM EST.

We had a total of 11 people with the help of Tholgrin, Evennote and BonnieBew.  They were awesome, even though raids are run differently server to server.

I kept updating Twitter as we went through each part of the Shroud.  Lag kept trying to be that missing 12th player, but was still doable.  Mostly as we finished each section.  Loot table loading😀

Pink leveled as soon as we entered the Shroud.

The Portals seemed to be the hardest part of the quest.  Geoff Hanna was having sword insecurities as he tried to find a good portal beater.  It took so long that it seemed that we were healing the portals.

Part Two went swimmingly well. The named critters went down one try!

Part Three with puzzles went great too. Only one death when someone who shall not be named, Geoff Hanna, tried to outrun the blades.

Part 4, the blades insisted on chasing me before Harry dropped down. Seriously, watch the video. The game tried to take out the cleric. Harry went down in two rounds with no one taking a trip to the penalty box.

Everyone shrined and then we all died as intended. There was no tricking the Shroud virgins this time around .

Only one death in part 5. Otherwise, it was a blast. BonnieBew had a present for Pink. A mini Harry pit fiend companion!!!! Pink was over the moon.

BonnieBew was also awesome enough to record the event and post it to her YouTube channel. I was thinking of streaming live in Twitch, but with three people running a raid from the same house during lag would be too much.

Thanks to everyone who worked to make Pink’s first Shroud something memorable. We truly have a great community of players. That is something we should all be proud of and focus on it.
Pink’s First Shroud courtesy of BonnieBew




Planning #OperationPinkShroud

We have been in plans for the last month for what we are calling #OperationPinkShroud.  Pink is level 18.  Close to 19.

Tonight is the night!  Tonight.  Pink is so excited.  She was vibrating when I dropped her off at school.

The biggest logistic issue that we had is that Halfling Commandos and Torchwood are small guilds.  Torchwood is where the non-halflings go.  So it is the same number of people :D  Luckily, Twitter came to the rescue!!!  Tholgrin, Evennote and BonnieBew are all coming to give her a hand.  Hopefully LAG does not try to be the 13th player tonight.

I had hoped to stream the event live through Twitch, but I am worried about it introducing lag.  I really want this to go smoothly for her.  We most likely will be making Pink “Raid Princess”.  She will get all the items and shards that she needs to build a weapon!

Wish us luck!



On a lighter subject….

There is a vulgar three-letter word right now in DDO.  It was bandied about prior to the server move, but has become quite commonly yelled in party chat, general chat, DDO forums and blog posts.  However, in light of this, I am not writing about it.

I am writing about DRESSES.  Particularly the dresses that I am making Pink and I for PAX EAST 2016!!!!

I am giving enough warning for those who may be less than impressed with fabric choices a chance to move on from my blog post today.  But for those interested, READ ON!

Pax East tickets went on sale while Pink was in the hospital.  It was a week after her emergency surgery and were bought as a bribe to make her smile.  Coincidentally, it was last day of her running post-operative infection fevers.

She was the envy of her older cousins at Christmas when she announced that I was taking her to Pax East.  Her cousins are 30, 28 and 24 so she felt quite special that they were jealous.  But she was still recovering, so no flushies were threatened.

Have I left enough room for those not interested in fashion to back out?  Oh well, if not, consider yourself warned.

Pink has been trying to decide what to wear to Pax East.  She is really hoping to meet some folks from DDO there.  And as she is a 12 yr old girl, outfits are important.  She really wants a pink wig that I can style into her character’s hair.  Ordering the wig is easy.  Hairstylist, I am not…..

As for the outfit, I asked her if she just wanted a dress made out of video game fabric.  WAY easier than trying to make armor!!!  Of course, this was before Yaya Han released coplay fabric to Joann’s Fabric.  Pink originally wanted Pokemon.  I was thinking more old school like Mario.  First, we had to decide on a pattern.  We wanted something girly but simple.  We found this pattern:

pink pattern

Now, back to questing for the perfect gaming fabric.  I thought that the Pokemon choices were slightly childish.  And she agreed.  We were looking at the Mario when something caught my eye on an end-cap.  It was a Link fabric.  But not the cartoony Legend of Zelda characters, but something darker and with more substance.


She fell in love with it!!!  We are doing pattern D with contrasting godet.  Godet for those not in the know, is the contrasting panel on the dress.  We went with a gorgeous olive leaf print.


It matches Link’s tunic and cap perfectly!!!

She is extremely excited and wants this dress done yesterday.  I think I know what I will be doing on my lunch break.

Now, if my fabric choices were only so easy.  I am jealous that she chose this one because I would have liked it myself.   I am torn between the following:

Any help?

***I am really hoping that there are some folks from DDO/Turbine at Pax East.  Pink is so excited!****

Some lessons have to be learned….

We finally let Pink play on a school night last night.  It was the first time in months.  After what she went through in November and recovering throughout December, she had decided she missed the hospital and spent the first week of January in the hospital with pneumonia.  Bad Gamer Child!!!

Pink is now level 15 and we really want to get her to epic level to have her run some of the more fun raids with us.  She really wants to run Fire on Thunderpeak.  She sits behind one of us each Friday night and watches it like TV.

Geek Dad really wants to get her into the Shroud, heroic of course.  We decided that last night was a perfect night to knock off one of the pre-req quests.  We decided to try Rainbow in the Dark.  We had two groups running in the Halfling Commandos which for us on a Wednesday night is AWESOME.  Geek Dad and I brought out our original guild characters, Wire and Theadora, who are in our guild Torchwood.  Yes, we are THAT geeky.

Rainbow went really well.  I had the glow stick which required Pink to stay close and not zerg ahead.  Best way to stop zerging!  We ran into a problem with the jumping to the pillars over the spikes.  Geek Dad had to help Pink.  He reset her settings to make it easier to see and she was all set.

No deaths up to until the named beholder.  I had moved up enough while pulling back the rusties to find him.  Pink shouted out, “I want to get him” and ran forward.


Some lessons a parent cannot teach a child.  They must learn them on their own.  Running ahead towards a beholder just happens to be on that Pink learned last night.

We made it quickly to the end where I got to make sure that Pink remembered her Rainbow colors.  She did the puzzle on her own.  I popped in the glow stick.  The end boss showed up and was quickly dispatched!

Recalled and sent Pink off to bed.  She is still building back up her endurance and needs the rest.

All in all…..a good night to be had.


***For those who remember, I had stated that I would give a full update on what happened with Pink in November.  I have written it down but hesitate to post for two reasons.  One, she is almost 13 and is media aware.  The other, well….let’s say she should not have been allowed to get so sick.  She had her appendix removed on Nov 3.  November 11, she had to have four hours of emergency surgery to save her life from multiple stomach abscesses and sepsis.  After we brought her back to the hospital twice between Nov 8 and Nov 10th and were sent home.  Then she got pneumonia in January.  Those are the bare bones of it.  We are super happy that she is almost back to full health.  She lost a lot of weight and is gaining it back slowly.  Hopefully within the next few weeks, she can return back to everything she enjoyed.***


On This Day…

Facebook has an app that I love right now.  It is On This Day.  It shows posts from previous years that you posted on the day.  Some have been funny and some remind of a sad day.  Seeing pictures of our kitty, Buggy, last Christmas has been bittersweet.  But today I came across some of my favorite.

It was Jan 2 2011.  We were running characters through the Desert Explorer area when I had to go AFK to start dinner.  So, I had Gamer Child hop on and run my character while I cooked dinner.

This is Facebook showed me this morning:


Look at her emerging technique!  Only eight years old and already showing her gaming skills!!!  She was so cute and tiny.  I just loves her cheeks in the first picture.   She is so intent on playing.

We have gotten her playing recently now that she is healed from the surgery but she ended up with the nasty virus that is going around.  She spent 12/30 in the emergency room with 103.7 temp and a heart rate that was way too high.  Her endurance is low and she cannot cough well because of stilling healing from November’s surgery.  She was quite happy to see 2015 leave even if she was too sick to stay up to watch it go.

2016 will be Gamer Child’s year!