It is like Christmas morning!

Right now, DDO is loading Update 26 : The Age of Warlocks!  While the update is loading, we cannot access DDO.  People are going through withdrawal.   Like little moles, we are peering out at the sunlight on the East Coast while we wait.

We are full of excitement like little kids on Christmas morning waiting for our parents to wake up so we can decimate the wrapping paper under the tree.

Shortly, the game worlds will open and we will all rush the servers to roll up a Warlock.  Casters are not my forte, but my hubby wants me to TR his elderly Drow caster who has been sitting collecting dust in the stables for years.  Stormreach will be overrun with Warlocks everywhere.  You will not be able to move around with bumping into one.  People running Completionists will certainly have to TR.

I will most likely TR one of my clerics, Dizzydora the Holyroller,.   The fat dwarf was originally built as a pal1 cleric 19 so that she could use dwarven axes while wading into the fray.  Not too good at epic levels.  So she has been waiting to be TR’d and is eagerly awaiting the Warlock release to be reborn. She will most likely go cleric again.

So we all sit like little children, waiting to unwrap the new gift that DDO has given us.  There were be reams of wrapping paper everywhere across Stormreach.  Everyone will be all new and shiny.

See you when the servers open!


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