Two-Toed Tobias and The Goonies

the goonies

My gamer child has been loving 3BC.   She has gotten 8 out of 14 rares soloing with the help of the wiki maps.  It does a geekmom’s heart proud to look over and see my daughter slashing her way through Kobolds and Pirates.  I love getting tells from her while I am playing about what she has just accomplished.

Before she left for camp, she tried soloing Two-Toed Tobias.   I guess she made it pretty far into the quest before deciding to head off to bed.  So that Saturday afternoon,  Geekdad and I decided to run her through while we ate lunch.

Off we went.  An adventuring family!  Geekdad and I were prepared with many quotes from The Goonies because Two-Toed Tobias always brings out the 80’s kid in me.  Our poor gamer child had been neglected.   She had never seen the movie. ….

We ran through the quest with her taking the lead.  She gets cranky when I run ahead.  “Mom, I’m the fighter.  The cleric cannot zerg ahead.” Sigh….game critics….. “Hey, there’s a secret door over here” I say to my husband,  the rogue.  “It’s just the shrine, Mom.” responds our spawn.   Insert preteen tone of voice and eye rollls.

Quest is completed.  Gamer child is happy.  But we have shopping to do as she was leaving the next afternoon for a week of Girl Scout camp so computers off and out we go adventuring into the world.  Now, give me kobolds and demons to slay but shopping scares me.  The zombies are out there shuffling along aimlessly, staring at the cell phones.  Dodge the zombies as unfortunately it is illegal to slay them apparently.   We found ourselves in Target in front of the videos and I started looking for The Goonies.  Found it for 4.99!!!! Head home to share a little Goonies with my gamer child.

She loved the traps and ladders!  She finally got our jokes about being “Blooby-trapped”.   And the look of awe on her face when she saw One-eyed Willy’s pirate shipin the cavern was priceless. “Mom, it does look like Two-Toed Tobias!”

Yes.  For us, Two-Toed Tobias reminds us of the Goonies.  But for my gamer child, Goonies reminds her of Two-Toed Tobias.

We raise geeks here……


4 thoughts on “Two-Toed Tobias and The Goonies

  1. geoffhanna

    So far my favorite moment was when your hubby needed your daughter to guide him to the bank on our guild airship. You know, the bank. In the guild airship we have had for more than a year. The bank that has never once moved but stayed in one place for over a year.

    That bank.

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