And then she was 8.

Last night was a slow night for the Halfling Commandos.  We are a small guide and we were down by 3-4 people.  I had watched the ddostream yesterday with Cordavon and realized that we had forgotten to do Redwillow with our gamer child.  We had her log on and took along one of our guildies making it the first time that she has run with someone other than Mommy or Daddy.

I also used the opportunity to try streaming the video of us playing to Twitch.  After the podcast on Monday night, I mentioned Twitch to her and she was super excited.  She spends her time like most preteens watching others play Minecraft so the idea of streaming her playing was exciting.

Last night three computers ran DDO while one also streamed it live to Twitch TV which was a good test of the repairs that our cable company made to our modem that evening.  If we were going to have lag on our end, it would have been last night.  But no lag…..

Redwillow was a blast.  It has always been one of my favorite quests to run.  The large open area with lots of mobs to kill makes it a great slogfest.  It is right up there with Stormcleave.  It took us over 30 minutes to run it with makes it the longest it has taken in a while to run but we were doing it to enjoy the quest with our gamer child.

She had a blast in the quest with the amount of creatures to fight.  She had to work hard to keep up with the two warlocks in the group.  I grabbed a rogue hireling to deal with the traps for the xp bonus.

At the end, we completed the quest on hard quite easily.  She cheered as that final bubble was filed and she got a little blue man proudly proclaiming that she had leveled.  She recalled out, got her end reward and ran to a trainer.  Daddy logged off to help her level while I logged to check the stream.

I was happy to see that the resolution did not allow to see her character’s name.  It was the one thing that my husband was concerned about to keep her safe.  But here is the link to it if you want to check it out:

8 thoughts on “And then she was 8.

  1. grimorde

    Yay for levelling!

    Also, I’m sure you can obfuscate an area of the screen i.e. where the party names are, and also turn off over the head names if you wanted to be sure. I’m not sure how to do the obfuscating though – I’d suggest @Illarvan, @BonnieBew or @JerrySnook for possible answers to that 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Patrick

        I can also give you some pointers on protecting your daughter’s character name. Keep in mind that the chat tab will also show her name depending on what you have in it. Loot and dying would be easy to miss in that regard.

        Liked by 1 person

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