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Planning #OperationPinkShroud

We have been in plans for the last month for what we are calling #OperationPinkShroud.  Pink is level 18.  Close to 19.

Tonight is the night!  Tonight.  Pink is so excited.  She was vibrating when I dropped her off at school.

The biggest logistic issue that we had is that Halfling Commandos and Torchwood are small guilds.  Torchwood is where the non-halflings go.  So it is the same number of people 😀  Luckily, Twitter came to the rescue!!!  Tholgrin, Evennote and BonnieBew are all coming to give her a hand.  Hopefully LAG does not try to be the 13th player tonight.

I had hoped to stream the event live through Twitch, but I am worried about it introducing lag.  I really want this to go smoothly for her.  We most likely will be making Pink “Raid Princess”.  She will get all the items and shards that she needs to build a weapon!

Wish us luck!



Moving on up. A week in review.

Gamer child is really moving on up through level 8.

Monday night, we ran her through Gwylan’s Stand.  She was quite proud to carry all the supplies and kill all the mobs.

Tuesday was Halfling Commandos guild night.  We are running epic GH.  We had split into two groups and were off.  Gamer child was looking for something to do and Geekdad suggested she head into House K to run some of their FTP quests.

While we were running Epic Gianthold, Gamer child went in and solo’d Lair of Summoning and Forgotten Caverns.  WAY TO GO!

There was really no one on Wednesday night. So we took Gamer child into Tear of Dhakann and Stromvauld’s Mine.  She even made the jump to defeat the construct for the Tear in the cavern.  All the Tears were found.  Maximum XP achieved.  She was disturbingly eager to find the bodies in Stromvauld’s Mine.

Thursday was a bummer indeed.  It is sad when you cannot log on.  It is sadder when you and the hubby cannot log on.  Now add Gamer child.  We sat on the couch in misery having to entertain ourselves 😦

But Friday was glorious!  Halfling Commandos ran two successful raids!  Fire on Thunderpeak and Defiler of the Just.  We had a wonderful person join our group who knew the raid quite well.  He was patient and walked us through each step of the raid.  He did a perfect join of teaching us the raid.  And teaching the Halfling Commandos anything is difficult as we have a tendency to run amok, pulling levers and agro willy-nilly.  Big shout out to Juggles and Gimpforeva.

While we were running the raid, Gamer child went into Caged Trolls and The Quest that Shall Not Be Named.  You know that evil quest in House P were you are sent to kill Halflings desiring Freedom of Religion?  Watching Gamer Child justify her actions to our glorious guild leader was quite amusing…..

“But they were evvvvvilllll”

All in all, a great week with a sad hiccup on Thursday.  Gamer Child is working on her last bubble to get to level 9.  She is very excited.

This week, I am hoping to do some more streaming to Twitch.  I am a bit concerned that my screen name of ddogeekmom may be frowned upon by TPTB at Turbine.  I added the ddo to geekmom because geekmom was already chosen and I really only play ddo right now.  Anyone have any opinions?  Should I create a different account?  I do not wish anyone to mistake me for impersonating someone from ddo.

P.S I created a Facebook page for Confessions of a Geekmom.  If you are interested, stop by and like it! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Confessions-of-a-Geekmom/1678491692383194?ref=bookmarks