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Meet the newest Halfling Commando

Hi folks!!!  Not much going on in the Geek Family right now.  Quests are quests.

But recently, Pink’s little sister gave DDO a try.  She designed a character.  Halfling, of course.  I had her make a fighter since it is the easiest for new players.  She chose a great axe to be like Geoff Hanna.  What is it about Geoff that my daughters like so much????



She ran the tutorial all by herself.  She had me help when she got turned around in the quest and when she needed to climb over for the lever.  Once I got her on track, she waved me off.

She did manage to complete the quest, but has not played since.  I think she mainly wants to dress the character…lol.  She is quite the fashion diva.

I also think that she was looking for Geoff Hanna and his Gamer Girl.  As a matter of fact, she is wearing her Ewok outfit for his Gamer Girl.   She got the shirt for Christmas from her uncle and was not impressed until I told her that Geoff’s Gamer Girl loved Ewoks.  Now, she will wear it all the time.

One of Pink’s guinea pigs was found to be dying one night while we were on Discord.  Craig had to deal with a hysterical Pink while I got to hold the dying guinea pig to give it comfort.  This left poor Amanda lost.  She was upset that Pink was crying, but unable to verbalize it because of her Autism.  Geoff, his Gamer Girl, and two other guildies were on Discord talking while we were dealing with the situation.  Amanda put on Craig’s headphones and listened to them.  She occasionally said Hello and told them what was happening.  They kept her busy and safe while we dealt with Pink and the guinea pig.  They are true friends, even through the distance.  They made sure that she never felt alone. So, she wears this outfit for them.


Not sure if she will return to DDO, but it is a start.  Right now, she is playing MineCraft on Pink’s computer.

Still raising Geeks here……



Gamer Child turned 12!

My little girl is no longer quite a little girl.  She turned 12 last week.  I tried to tell her that she did not have my permission, but she argued that she really did not need it……le sigh.

She did manage to clean her room in time to earn a birthday party.  She had been told that she could not have a party until her room no longer resembled a trog’s den.  Also, since the remaining guinea pig’s cage is in there, it was an appropriate statement.

It is funny to realize how much more of a geek that she is than her friends.  They are into Minecraft and Xbox so consider themselves gamers.  Silly little childrens…….

She got the usual preteen girly items from friends like nail polish and charm jewelry.  Then the family gifts started…..

She got Star Wars items from her aunt, uncle and cousins.  There were more Star Wars gift bags including one that we wrestled over.  She won.  I refused to cheat but am instead waiting for her to forget about it.  Then I will steal it with stealth.  It will make a great project bag for knitting.

Perfect size for a project bag.  It will be mine.....

Perfect size for a project bag. It will be mine…..

There was a Darth Vader, a Boba Fett, Star Wars mini Snack cup and a Bop-it RD-D2.  The R2-D2 Bop-it game was immediately played by Gamer Child and I that night, much to Geekdad’s dismay.


Then her gift from Pops, her grandfather, was the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Kit.  She was beyond excited.  She wanted to play right away, but we had to convince her that starting a campaign before cupcakes was not the way to go.


Then our final gift.  I handed her the card telling her that we had made her DDO account into a VIP account.  She screamed and ran around the whole yard waving the card in the air like Charlie waving his Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  And for her, this was her GOLDEN TICKET!


She went to bed a very sugared up but happy gamer child,