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Happy Thanksgiving from the Geek Family


Thanksgiving is the time where we stop and remember what and who we are thankful for in our lives.

I am thankful for a husband who has the same sick sense of humor that I do.  That supports my yarn addiction, within limits (I just found out that his Life360 app alerts him when I stop at Joanns).  That puts up with my……well all of me.

I am thankful for a daughter that shares my love of all things Geek and is just as sarcastic as I am….

I am thankful for the strides that my younger daughter has made in the last year.  She has made it out of her self-contained classroom for two regular classes this year!!!  I am thankful for her interest in gaming.

I am thankful for DDO.  This game has helped us make friends in the last 11 years.  Friends that we look forward to gaming and just talking to at night.  Geoff Hanna and his Gamer Girl are a part of our family, even though they are further away now.  They enjoy teasing my teenagers almost as much as I do.  And sometimes, just telling Pink that I am texting Gamer Girl sends her running to grab my phone first.  Good fun.  Good fun.  And no, Yv…..she does not have a boyfriend!!!

I am thankful for the support that I get when I ask a question.  I have learned to DM a group of Giggling Hobos this year as we are running Lost Mines of Phandelver.  I get to introduce Dungeons and Dragons to young kids and that is freaking AWESOME!!!!!!  I have more gaming supplies on my Xmas list!

This year I have introduced Pink to LOTRO and SWTOR.  I got to listen to her fangirl over the games.

I am thankful for gaming, both video games and D&D, to be able to connect with my 14 year old daughter.  These days are quickly numbered.  Soon she will not want to hang with mom and dad to play video games.   But right now, I am making as many memories as I can.

Please remember our friends and family that have lost loved ones this year.  We have some in our midst such as DDOPlayers.

I look forward to having more reasons to thank all of you next year.

May all your initiative rolls today be high!




What a difference a year makes….

I was checking Facebook this morning while getting the girls ready for school and found a blog post that popped up on Memories from last year.

It is about the prep that went into Pink’s First Shroud run.  I loved reading about how other members of the DDO community came together to make her first run a success.  And how excited she was to be raiding with the adults.

It is amazing to see how far she has come in this year.  Pink is epic level now.  Level 28 actually!

We run the Thunderholme raids pretty much every Friday night.  We alternate weeks.  Fire on Thunder Peak one week and the next, Temple of the Deathwyrm.  We have been trying to make sure that everyone who wants a Thunderforged weapon has the chance to get one.   Pink really gets to shine.  She tries to keep the trash off me in Thunder Peak while also beating on the artifact.  Pink also gets assignments in Deathwyrm and goes on the Dark Side without me or Daddy.  Dad is usually tanking Aurgloroasa while I am keeping the tanks alive.

No longer do we only have approved people join the raid.  We have LFMs open to everyone.  We usually do make the statement that there are younger folks present so to keep the swearing down.  Granted, it is either Geoff Hanna or myself who forget.  She is more than used to Mom swearing.  She giggles and teases Geoff when he forgets.  His Gamer Girl likes to tease her about having a boyfriend.  Or really, she is also teasing me.

She has grown pretty confident in her gaming skills.  Loves to run new content.  She absolutely adored the quest with Jerry in it! She wears her DDO sweatshirts to school all the time, trying to get new players.

She is still quite the teenager though and requires the typical “teenager adjustments”.  Meaning she can certainly sling the attitude around.   But luckily, she is a good kid usually.  That keeps her alive.

She currently has her gnome and dragonborn characters.  Hoping to move those up soon.

I cannot wait to see where she is next year.



Sweet memories….

Do you and your guildies play “Remember when….?”?  Reminiscing about quests run?  Fun times together?  Or is just the old ones among us?

Here is a favorite memory of mine:

One night while running on of the Amrath quests, not sure which one as I hated them all, we came very close to a party wipe.  Geoff Hanna and his Gamer Girl were still alive and sent my cleric a raise.  Yay!!!  Or so you would think.

I take the rez, but something weird is happening.  I die quite quickly.  We all try to figure out what happened.  I come to the stunning realization that I just took a rez inside a Gelatinous Cube.  The Cube had wandered over my soul stone and because of the death motif on the screen, I had not seen it.

Que laugh track.  My guidies got quite the chuckle out of this one at my expense.  We had tears of laughter.


I find myself quite nostalgic today after reading Geoff Hanna’s post.  I was given a heads up last night while we were on ESO.   Reading Geoff’s blog has been part of my morning for many years.

My friends are moving.  I am so happy for them to start this next journey.  I felt the sorrow each time that a possible sale of the house fell through.  Enough that I resorted to an Old Italian Nonna tradition of burying a status of St. Joseph to help.  I mailed them a statue to bury.  I figured that all those Italian Nonnas/Nanas could not be THAT wrong.

I am happy, but sad.  They will be further away.  There will now be time zones between us.  PandaGirl does not understand them moving.  Geoff and his Gamer Girl have been a part of our lives for so long.  She thinks that they will be gone.  We have tried to explain it, but I think only hearing them on Discord will help.

This is a great opportunity for them.  A new beginning and place TOGETHER.  Not Gamer Girl moving to him, but them moving on together.  Traveling across the country together. Starting a new home together.

I am really happy.  But still sad to see my friends go.  Even if I know I will see them soon online.

Hey, don’t forget GenCon 2018.  Let’s plan it!



Meet the newest Halfling Commando

Hi folks!!!  Not much going on in the Geek Family right now.  Quests are quests.

But recently, Pink’s little sister gave DDO a try.  She designed a character.  Halfling, of course.  I had her make a fighter since it is the easiest for new players.  She chose a great axe to be like Geoff Hanna.  What is it about Geoff that my daughters like so much????



She ran the tutorial all by herself.  She had me help when she got turned around in the quest and when she needed to climb over for the lever.  Once I got her on track, she waved me off.

She did manage to complete the quest, but has not played since.  I think she mainly wants to dress the character…lol.  She is quite the fashion diva.

I also think that she was looking for Geoff Hanna and his Gamer Girl.  As a matter of fact, she is wearing her Ewok outfit for his Gamer Girl.   She got the shirt for Christmas from her uncle and was not impressed until I told her that Geoff’s Gamer Girl loved Ewoks.  Now, she will wear it all the time.

One of Pink’s guinea pigs was found to be dying one night while we were on Discord.  Craig had to deal with a hysterical Pink while I got to hold the dying guinea pig to give it comfort.  This left poor Amanda lost.  She was upset that Pink was crying, but unable to verbalize it because of her Autism.  Geoff, his Gamer Girl, and two other guildies were on Discord talking while we were dealing with the situation.  Amanda put on Craig’s headphones and listened to them.  She occasionally said Hello and told them what was happening.  They kept her busy and safe while we dealt with Pink and the guinea pig.  They are true friends, even through the distance.  They made sure that she never felt alone. So, she wears this outfit for them.


Not sure if she will return to DDO, but it is a start.  Right now, she is playing MineCraft on Pink’s computer.

Still raising Geeks here……


DDO Friends

I had a rough morning yesterday.   I had logged on during lunch to kill a certain Drow Priestess over and over again.  But had logged on last night because our guild leader originally had plans to attend a concert and had asked us to help some guildies last night.

When we logged on, the group was already in Schrinfsskfkfll aka Sschindrylryn.  They had not made the outdoor concert due to extreme heat.  I told him that hubby and I would go do something else so that we did not have to break up a full group.  We sometimes do not log on Tuesday for that reason.  Geoff gave me the out to spend the night on the couch but then insisted that we break into two groups with his Gamer Girl joining us with another guildie.

We then raced each other’s group to finish.  We ran all the Sschindrylryn quests including the capstone during which his Gamer Girl and I chatted in pms about my day.

You know those friends who call you to talk or go out even when you do not feel like it?  The ones that are there to listen?  I have those friends through my guildies.  Geoff knew I needed to play to vent off steam and his Gamer Girl was there to lead us through a mad dash of the Underdark.  It was a satisfying run with the screams of the dying Drow in our hears.  Only ruined by the whiny voice of Ana and Elminster otherwise known as TSTL (too stupid to live) and El-uslesster.

Got to love those friends that are there when you need them.