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Sweet memories….

Do you and your guildies play “Remember when….?”?  Reminiscing about quests run?  Fun times together?  Or is just the old ones among us?

Here is a favorite memory of mine:

One night while running on of the Amrath quests, not sure which one as I hated them all, we came very close to a party wipe.  Geoff Hanna and his Gamer Girl were still alive and sent my cleric a raise.  Yay!!!  Or so you would think.

I take the rez, but something weird is happening.  I die quite quickly.  We all try to figure out what happened.  I come to the stunning realization that I just took a rez inside a Gelatinous Cube.  The Cube had wandered over my soul stone and because of the death motif on the screen, I had not seen it.

Que laugh track.  My guidies got quite the chuckle out of this one at my expense.  We had tears of laughter.


I find myself quite nostalgic today after reading Geoff Hanna’s post.  I was given a heads up last night while we were on ESO.   Reading Geoff’s blog has been part of my morning for many years.

My friends are moving.  I am so happy for them to start this next journey.  I felt the sorrow each time that a possible sale of the house fell through.  Enough that I resorted to an Old Italian Nonna tradition of burying a status of St. Joseph to help.  I mailed them a statue to bury.  I figured that all those Italian Nonnas/Nanas could not be THAT wrong.

I am happy, but sad.  They will be further away.  There will now be time zones between us.  PandaGirl does not understand them moving.  Geoff and his Gamer Girl have been a part of our lives for so long.  She thinks that they will be gone.  We have tried to explain it, but I think only hearing them on Discord will help.

This is a great opportunity for them.  A new beginning and place TOGETHER.  Not Gamer Girl moving to him, but them moving on together.  Traveling across the country together. Starting a new home together.

I am really happy.  But still sad to see my friends go.  Even if I know I will see them soon online.

Hey, don’t forget GenCon 2018.  Let’s plan it!




Ahem…..it is me.

Dusting off the mic.  Wiping away the cobwebs.  Trying to find where I put everything.

I have not posted a blog post since May of 2016.  As soon as we got back from Disney, I started my Christmas crafting projects.  Christmas Crafting may not sound like much, but I had two double-knit scarves to knit.

Double knitting is a knitting technique that allows you to produce a double layer of Stockinette stitch fabric with mirror-image colorwork while knitting both layers at the same time.

Here is an example of Pink’s Star Wars Double-knit scarf. The hyperlink with bring you to my Ravelry project page which has more pictures.

As you can see, one side is Black for the Dark Side and the other is a self-striping rainbow yarn for the Light Side.  It is almost 6ft long.

My husband also got a double knit scarf.  The difficult with his is that I used lace weight yarn(really thin) on size 0 needles(really tiny).   There were 10 charts.  Each chart had 8 rows. Each row is 100 stitches.  That is 80,000 stitches.

Here is his The Name of the Doctor. The hyperlink with bring you to my Ravelry project page which has more pictures.

Then there were the 4 pairs of gloves/mittens, one lace shawl with beads, two baby sweaters, two Denver Broncos Halfling Commandos, one toddler quilt and one full-size quilt for Tessa.

Oh, then there is work.  My company decided to sell us to a vendor company like we were chattel.  After working for this unnamed insurance company since 1999.  Very uncool.  Plus I have had three different supervisors in the meantime.  Three different people to bring into dealing with me.

Our DDO gaming dropped a bit as well.  Listening to people complain in my ear for 8+ hours a day made putting on my headphones and trying to keep people alive seem like torture.  Clericing had gotten VERY stale.  I was getting to the point of wanting to let people die just for the fun of it.  Woah…..backaway!!!  So we aimed to play Gnome Gnight, Halfling Commando night, and Halfling Commando raid night.  Gnome Gnight is hard as I work a 9 hour day until 7:00pm.  Getting on for 8:00pm can be torture depending on my days.  So, some nights we do not play.

Someone, who may or may not have a blog and may or may not have a Gamer Girl, mentioned another game to relieve some of my stress playing cleric.  We met those folks, who shall remain nameless to protect their identities, over on Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO is a lot easier for me to play by myself.  I love DDO and have no intention of leaving, but I get lost very easily inside quests.  Plus, I do not solo well in DDO with the healing-based clerics that I build to help the guild and Pink.  I love being able to just run through destroying things in ESO.  It gives me a better outlook so that I can come back and play cleric on DDO.

I let it slip to Pink on New Year’s Eve that I had let my blogging fall behind this year.  She was most displeased.  I told her that I would start up again.  And my husband already reminded me twice.  It does not help that I am like a squirrel with ADD on coffee.

So here we go again…..starting off in the New Year.  Still Geekmom.  Still will blog about Geeky things, family, crafting, and gaming.  May add in some ESO for the fun of it.  I have two geeky knitting project planned that I hope to enter into competition.  So it shall be a fun year.

Hope all is well with you!