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What a difference a year makes….

I was checking Facebook this morning while getting the girls ready for school and found a blog post that popped up on Memories from last year.

It is about the prep that went into Pink’s First Shroud run.  I loved reading about how other members of the DDO community came together to make her first run a success.  And how excited she was to be raiding with the adults.

It is amazing to see how far she has come in this year.  Pink is epic level now.  Level 28 actually!

We run the Thunderholme raids pretty much every Friday night.  We alternate weeks.  Fire on Thunder Peak one week and the next, Temple of the Deathwyrm.  We have been trying to make sure that everyone who wants a Thunderforged weapon has the chance to get one.   Pink really gets to shine.  She tries to keep the trash off me in Thunder Peak while also beating on the artifact.  Pink also gets assignments in Deathwyrm and goes on the Dark Side without me or Daddy.  Dad is usually tanking Aurgloroasa while I am keeping the tanks alive.

No longer do we only have approved people join the raid.  We have LFMs open to everyone.  We usually do make the statement that there are younger folks present so to keep the swearing down.  Granted, it is either Geoff Hanna or myself who forget.  She is more than used to Mom swearing.  She giggles and teases Geoff when he forgets.  His Gamer Girl likes to tease her about having a boyfriend.  Or really, she is also teasing me.

She has grown pretty confident in her gaming skills.  Loves to run new content.  She absolutely adored the quest with Jerry in it! She wears her DDO sweatshirts to school all the time, trying to get new players.

She is still quite the teenager though and requires the typical “teenager adjustments”.  Meaning she can certainly sling the attitude around.   But luckily, she is a good kid usually.  That keeps her alive.

She currently has her gnome and dragonborn characters.  Hoping to move those up soon.

I cannot wait to see where she is next year.



Epic XP Weekend!

Yay for Extra epic xp weekends!!!!!

We all logged our lower level Epic characters last night for some down and dirty XP quests!  I need to get Taea to level 27 before I consider TRing her older sister, Teodra.  Taea is a second life cleric at level 23 and Teodra is a first life at 28.  Teodra has been my main for quite a few years now.  She was my first Halfling Commando.  But, I would like to see how good she can be with another life or so under her belt.  Hence, my xp run with Taea.

First, we hit up Mr Two-Toed Tobias in Three Barrel Cove.  What a mad dash!!!  One of our guildies is a bit slower than the rest of us so he got a bit frustrated.   But the XP was divine!  I had purchased an xp pot to burn.  (Yes dear, that was the Paypal purchase last night.  The other night was more yarn.  Shhhh let me feed my addictions.)  I ended up with over 121K.  Lovely!

On to the next run.  A wild run through an old favorite,  Von3.  At this point, one of the group had to leave.  This left Geoff Hanna, his Gamer Girl, my husband and myself.  You want to see quick runs?  Two married couples zerging through a quest.  Fun to be had!!!!!!!  XP devoured.   Level 24 achieved.

Last quickie.   Von 1.  Let us just say that we made the fans in the stands weep before they rushed into the arena to be massacred. More yummy XP.  End of Taea’s first epic destiny. 

Awesome night.  Will be back again tonight to kill a married pair of dragons!