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Geekmom and Pink do RI Comic-Con 2017

Pink turned 14 in September.  14!!  When did I become a parent to a 14 year old!!  Crap, I am getting old!

She wanted to do Comic-Con in November with her friends and we decided that tickets to Comic-Con would make a great present.  She wanted to get into cosplay and decided to do Lapis from Steven Universe.


She searched the internet and found all the items she needed.  Amazon Prime FTW.

So, yesterday we headed out to Comic-Con.  We met up with 4 of her friends and two other moms and proceeded to wait in line outside.


My view for most of the Con

Luckily, her wings folded back so I was able to help her get through the crowds a little easier.  I also got to hold the wings when things got tight or when she wanted to explore a vendor.


Just here to hold her wings, folks

While we were at the Con, we also took some time to do some advertising for DDO.

This was my first Comic-Con type thing.  Pink had a complete blast.  She was the only Lapis there and got tons of photo requests.  Honestly, I prefer Pax or Gaming Conventions.  I am not into meet and greets.  There were a few panels I was interested in, but the teenagers were not.  And I was there to make sure Pink was safe.  All the other teens ran off, but I was happy that she stayed with me the whole time.  Although, it could have been that I had the wallet and held her wings……


I did get to have my picture taken with the TARDIS!!!!



She did not want to paint her whole body.  The blue bandana was there to cover her scar from two years ago.  She did end up relaxing and taking it off.  The skirt came up high enough to cover.  Very few 14 year old girls want to show a vertical scar when they are trying to feel special.

And feel special she did.  She got quite a few pictures taken with other people.  Her favorite was a little girl who thought that Pink was Sadness from Inside/Out.  Pink just made her happy and said nothing.

Ultimately, it was a great present and a great intro to Cosplay.  I was happy that her first experience went so well.  Even her friends who had cosplayed here before were surprised.

Me, however, I cannot wait until PaxEast in April.  Is anyone going??????

I want a DDO exercise app!

Like most geeks, I hate exercising.   It bores me to tears.  I am not one of those people who look forward to exercising and get all pumped up about it.   I really think they need their brains examined.  

Running is something you do to get away from something.

Running to me also means a raid.  I loves to run raids!   Running on a treadmill?  Not so much……

But alas, I find myself in needs of losing some weight and being a bit more healthy.    So I must exercise to acheive those goals.  Shudder.

As I approach my treadmill in trepidation, I realize that if I had an app that allowed me to earn xp in DDO by exercising,  I would jump at that!  Think of the leveling opportunities!!!!!  It could be like kills in an open area.  For each step you took, you would earn points towards a kill.  Slayer pots for weekend exercise!   Need to level that newly TR’d character but you are at work?  Go for a walk on your lunch break!

Legions of geeks would suddenly find time and motivation  to exercise.  We would be the athletes!  Think of how great we would all look at conventions!  Cosplay would be awesome.   We would be able to show off those awesome cosmetic armor kits that our characters get.  Mundanes would be envious.

Turbine would gain healthier subscribers.   Those older players less likely to roll a 7.

Win-win scenario.

But alas, I do not see this coming to any fruition.  My hopes will be dashed.  And I will be forced to walk on that blasted treadmill.  Like a hamster on a wheel.  Going nowhere.