The Hobbit as a teaching tool

My husband and DDO partner-in-crime is away on business this week.  As a result, Pink and I have not felt like playing.  Mostly, because we want to wait until he comes home to experience Update 31 and the three new quests together.

Instead, Pink and I have been watching the extended version of The Hobbit-An unexpected journey.  We have been watching about 30-45 minutes a night before her bedtime.  Just the two of us, sitting on the couch with popcorn and a movie.

There are many quotes that I loved from the books and movies, but this is one of those teaching moments.


Pink, my rainbow baby, be that ordinary folk that helps keep the darkness at bay.  Remember each day to perform some act of kindness and love.  Be the person who brings courage to others.  Love, Mommy.


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