Planning #OperationPinkShroud

We have been in plans for the last month for what we are calling #OperationPinkShroud.  Pink is level 18.  Close to 19.

Tonight is the night!  Tonight.  Pink is so excited.  She was vibrating when I dropped her off at school.

The biggest logistic issue that we had is that Halfling Commandos and Torchwood are small guilds.  Torchwood is where the non-halflings go.  So it is the same number of people 😀  Luckily, Twitter came to the rescue!!!  Tholgrin, Evennote and BonnieBew are all coming to give her a hand.  Hopefully LAG does not try to be the 13th player tonight.

I had hoped to stream the event live through Twitch, but I am worried about it introducing lag.  I really want this to go smoothly for her.  We most likely will be making Pink “Raid Princess”.  She will get all the items and shards that she needs to build a weapon!

Wish us luck!



8 thoughts on “Planning #OperationPinkShroud

  1. grimorde

    Rach & I are quite annoyed we have to work and can’t be there to help out :-/

    But I really hope Pink has a great time (and the rest of you!) I don’t think there’s anything better than your first Shroud 😀

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