On a lighter subject….

There is a vulgar three-letter word right now in DDO.  It was bandied about prior to the server move, but has become quite commonly yelled in party chat, general chat, DDO forums and blog posts.  However, in light of this, I am not writing about it.

I am writing about DRESSES.  Particularly the dresses that I am making Pink and I for PAX EAST 2016!!!!

I am giving enough warning for those who may be less than impressed with fabric choices a chance to move on from my blog post today.  But for those interested, READ ON!

Pax East tickets went on sale while Pink was in the hospital.  It was a week after her emergency surgery and were bought as a bribe to make her smile.  Coincidentally, it was last day of her running post-operative infection fevers.

She was the envy of her older cousins at Christmas when she announced that I was taking her to Pax East.  Her cousins are 30, 28 and 24 so she felt quite special that they were jealous.  But she was still recovering, so no flushies were threatened.

Have I left enough room for those not interested in fashion to back out?  Oh well, if not, consider yourself warned.

Pink has been trying to decide what to wear to Pax East.  She is really hoping to meet some folks from DDO there.  And as she is a 12 yr old girl, outfits are important.  She really wants a pink wig that I can style into her character’s hair.  Ordering the wig is easy.  Hairstylist, I am not…..

As for the outfit, I asked her if she just wanted a dress made out of video game fabric.  WAY easier than trying to make armor!!!  Of course, this was before Yaya Han released coplay fabric to Joann’s Fabric.  Pink originally wanted Pokemon.  I was thinking more old school like Mario.  First, we had to decide on a pattern.  We wanted something girly but simple.  We found this pattern:

pink pattern

Now, back to questing for the perfect gaming fabric.  I thought that the Pokemon choices were slightly childish.  And she agreed.  We were looking at the Mario when something caught my eye on an end-cap.  It was a Link fabric.  But not the cartoony Legend of Zelda characters, but something darker and with more substance.


She fell in love with it!!!  We are doing pattern D with contrasting godet.  Godet for those not in the know, is the contrasting panel on the dress.  We went with a gorgeous olive leaf print.


It matches Link’s tunic and cap perfectly!!!

She is extremely excited and wants this dress done yesterday.  I think I know what I will be doing on my lunch break.

Now, if my fabric choices were only so easy.  I am jealous that she chose this one because I would have liked it myself.   I am torn between the following:

Any help?

***I am really hoping that there are some folks from DDO/Turbine at Pax East.  Pink is so excited!****


8 thoughts on “On a lighter subject….

  1. Tholgrin

    WOOT!! Tell Pink I am hyper-ultra-jealous that she gets to go to PAX East and I don’t.. my only consolation is that Acq Inc isn’t going to have a game. Otherwise, I might have to consider shaving my head.

    As for fabrics.. I have the fashion sense of a dwarf, but here’s my thoughts:

    Mario: LOVE LOVE LOVE IT to death ,but with the small sample size, I fear the pattern may be too repetitive on larger areas. But, I mean, come on.. Mario is Legend.

    Zelda Stained Glass: Hard to tell with the sample image (since the ruler doesn’t really show scale very well in that capture :/) but it just kind of looks like splotches of color from more than a few feet away. SAD FACE because that would be super-cool otherwise.

    Doctor Who: Even though I’m not a Whovian (gasp!), I have to say that I really like this fabric. It’s crisp, it’s clean, and isn’t “excessively nerdy” in that you could make a dress out of it and wear it in public without a giant neon sign saying NERD. (Which isn’t a bad thing, but greatly increases re-wear-ability.. is that even a phrase?) And it’s not in-your-face Doctor Who like wearing a giant TARDIS. I find myself really surprised by saying that, as I’m typing this, the Doctor Who fabric that I thought I was going to hate is winning the most points. Go figure!

    I have a feeling that, as soon as Geoff reads that I’m not a Whovian, that Zomgg Dwarves Are Awesome will find himself booted from Torchwood 😛

    P.P.S.S. Do we have a date for #OperationPinkShroud yet? 😀


    1. judyenaz Post author

      I am actually the leader of Torchwood. Muahahahahaha!!!

      As for OpertainPinkShroud, it depends on that nasty 3-letter word. We failed a raid Friday because of it. Would a Wednesday work for Evennote and you at 8EST?


      1. Tholgrin

        Yeah… that killed a DoJ run a half-dozen times on Sunday. >_>

        As for availability, I’m kind of sort of wide open (one advantage of being out on medical LOA) so whenever is fine, long as I know enough in advance to either nap or get wired on caffeine 😛

        Do I get a few points for owning a copy of “My Dalek Has a Puncture” by Simon Fisher-Becker, at least?? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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