On This Day…

Facebook has an app that I love right now.  It is On This Day.  It shows posts from previous years that you posted on the day.  Some have been funny and some remind of a sad day.  Seeing pictures of our kitty, Buggy, last Christmas has been bittersweet.  But today I came across some of my favorite.

It was Jan 2 2011.  We were running characters through the Desert Explorer area when I had to go AFK to start dinner.  So, I had Gamer Child hop on and run my character while I cooked dinner.

This is Facebook showed me this morning:


Look at her emerging technique!  Only eight years old and already showing her gaming skills!!!  She was so cute and tiny.  I just loves her cheeks in the first picture.   She is so intent on playing.

We have gotten her playing recently now that she is healed from the surgery but she ended up with the nasty virus that is going around.  She spent 12/30 in the emergency room with 103.7 temp and a heart rate that was way too high.  Her endurance is low and she cannot cough well because of stilling healing from November’s surgery.  She was quite happy to see 2015 leave even if she was too sick to stay up to watch it go.

2016 will be Gamer Child’s year!


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