Geekmom Facepalm


Seriously, I forget to make sure that I am wearing my feather falling boots when jumping to the giant in Gianthold ONCE with my daughter and she has to ask me this each time we jump.  With push to talk so that the whole party hears her asking you…….

“Hey Gamer Child, clean your room?”  so there…….


3 thoughts on “Geekmom Facepalm

  1. citiplaysddo

    Yeah… ask @rayceroyal and @Imaginaryist how often they forget theirs. I try to find an item with FF that I can wear at all times, because of this same problem. We of the HeMan Woman Haters could probably use your daughter’s reminder on a consistent basis. 🙂 Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good (feather) fall!

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