Geekmom’s been AFK

I am still here!!!  I promise.

As some of the DDO community knows, Gamer Child has had a very rough November.  And by very rough, I really mean life-threatening.  She had a four hour surgery on November 11th and is still in the hospital.  We hope to have her home by Thanksgiving which will certainly put the emphasis on Giving Thanks.

I will update more on her journey when I have her safe at home.  But she is running a quest right now on Epic Elite and she is only a Heroic-level.

I cannot thank the DDO Community especially all my guildies and Twitter-folks enough.  Some of your messages were the only things that got her to smile on the bad days.  And as any parent can attest to, THAT is EVERYTHING.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a party of magic-using orcs!!!


5 thoughts on “Geekmom’s been AFK

  1. House of Grouse

    As a person who has fought illness in the past I always feel for those who are facing that struggle, it is never easy but people do seem to either come out stronger on the other side or give up. If you play ddo giving up is not an option you will run this quest and the rewards will be as special as finding a supreme tome. Good luck, House of Grouse is with you.



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