I have been a slacker!

I have not posted much lately.  I am in the rush of holiday knitting.  I have a shawl for a friend, a shawl for my mom, and a sweater for Geekdad to finish before Christmas.  The first shawl is almost done and I am working on the arms for the sweater.  However, my younger daughter’s favorite sweater is getting too small and she has requested another to replace it.  I have not told her that I already received the yarn because she would be standing over me waiting for me to finish and that would impact my schedule.  Gamer child has now requested a hat

Gamer child has been plugging along on her own lately.  She has a new character, a level 3 cleric.  She loves the cleric so far.  She stayed home sick Friday from school so after her appt at the dr, I told her we would play DDO.  So started cooking the chicken soup and sat down to run a quest for her.  I introduced her to the Lordsmarch Series and we ran the first quest, Diplomatic Immunity on normal with no issues.  She is a machine!  Sent her back to the couch to rest.

Saturday after lunch, we ran Diplomatic Immunity on Hard with Dad to get him on the quest chain with us.  He made sure that we parlayed with the Chieftain, a part I had neglected to do on Normal.  Ooops.  No issues but loads of fun.

Sunday night, we ran the second part Frame Work on Hard.  Loads of fun there.  We kept the Medusa at the end a secret.  The wonder in Gamer Child’s voice when she heard the Medusa was AWESOME!!!  She rode the ballista back to the beginning of the quest and there was level 13!!!!

We hook up with Geoff Hanna and his Gamer Girl and head off to the Restless Isles to run the quest with the best name EVER, Bring Me the Head of Ghola-fan!!!!  We leave the difficulty level up to Gamer Child who insists on Elite.  She is hardcore.  We slam through the quest leaving piles of bodies everywhere.  At one point, I realize that Geoff is doing is usual zerging ahead only to notice that there is a blue dot ahead of him.  My daughter.  Great.  My daughter zergs ahead of Geoff Hanna.  Pity me.

Proud mama moment…..she gets cursed.  Drops back and drinks a pot.  Dies from a magic user hit and I went to rez her only to find her alive.  She took care of it herself.  I told her not to waste rez cakes and she replies that she had run herself back to the shrine and taken care of it.  I had to wipe tears from my eyes.  Seriously folks, she is that good.

End fight is a breeze.  But alas, no one pulls the Royal Guardsmen mask.  Sigh.  Sent the kidlet off to bed and ran through an Orchard quest on Epic.  Geekdad is hunting for Epic Minos Legions.

We are hoping to get more XP this week for Gamer Child.  It is hard with school right now as she has to be up at 6:30am and she is not the most pleasant of risers.  I am also trying to get her to write a blog post about her view of gaming so looking forward to that!!!

Cheers and Happy Gaming


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