There and back again…our new addition

We lost our longtime furbaby, Buggy on Labor Day.  My husband was instantly, NO MORE PETS!

Now in his defense, we had bought a guinea pig for our younger daughter’s 5th birthday.  A male guinea pig she named Madison.  Well, Madison was not a he.  He was a SHE.  And SHE was carrying stowaways.  4 for the price of one.  Geee thanks.  Petco was willing to take the stowaways once they were weaned around 3 weeks.  At least that was the plan until our gamer child was inconsolable.  “But Mommy, they are FAMILY.  And you don’t give away FAMILY!!!!” Queue the tears and snot.  And Gamer child cried too.  Daddy was screwed.

Well, four turned into five when there was a cage break.  I received a panic-filled text message from my husband while at therapy for our younger daughter.  “THERE ARE THREE IN A CAGE!!!!!!!” Considering that there were two girls and two boys, that was a problem.  One of the boys had dug through the chloroplast-siding to get to the girls side.  Determined bugger.  And then there were five.

At this point, the geek family had one cat, five guinea pigs and a betta fish.  The guinea pigs started dying off.  We added another cat in Feb 2014, Hedwig.  Betta fish went from Sushi to Bait to Mr Bubbles. We were then left with two cats, one guinea pig and Mr Bubbles, the reigning betta.  Then we had to say goodbye to Buggy.

We have had a love affair with the Egyptian Mau breed of cats since 1998 when I suckered Geekdad who was Geekboyfriend into falling in love with the breed while watching a show on cats.  We got our first Mau, Xavier in 1998.  He passed in 2001 from Feline Asthma(both the cat and I were diagnosed with asthma in the same month while renovations were being done in the apartment house we lived in at the time.  Coincidence?  I think not.)  We had Little Man, his brother from a different litter and then got Buggy.  Little Man passed in 2012 from cancer.  Which left our sole Mau, Buggy.

I had been on our breeder’s wait list since 2013.  I let her know on Sept 8th that we had lost Bug.  She was heartbroken for us, but there was a kitten that she was owed from another breeder who needed a home.   She had helped the cattery start up and was willing to have the kitten go to us.  He was originally going to be a show cat/stud but developed a slight kink in her tail as he aged which meant he could not be a show cat.  He was tentatively promised to another couple but he would be ours if we wanted!!!! We reached out to Amaure Cattery to discuss arrangements to get him. Problem was that the cattery is in Wisconsin. Over 15 hours away from Rhode Island.

I looked at flights to Wisconsin but travel back would require an extra 125.00 for the kitten to come as a carry-on. The idea of traveling back with a terrified kitten who did not know me while stuck in a cattle-car flight terrified ME! Sherri from Amaure said that she would be in Taylor, Michigan on the following Saturday for a cat show. Taylor is just near Detroit so made it an 11ish hour drive. Road Trip!!!

We arranged overnight childcare which when you have an autistic child is not easy


Friday evening, I took the girls to my mom’s and headed home to do the DDOCast podcast. Geekdad tried napping. We left our house around 10:30-11:00PM with the address entered on our cell phones. We had a false start because Google maps and Waze were insisting on taking us through Canada. Ummmmm, no passport. I managed to convince Google to take us a different route. Waze refused to play well with others until we were almost out of NY. Then it finally got the hint and re-routed us.

We made to Taylor MI about 11AM.  Meet the breeder and picked up our boy to start the drive home.  Thankfully, he is a good kitten.  He cried a few times but was easily consoled.  It was not until we hit the Conn border at exit 1 that he had decided that he was DONE!  He cried on and off from CT to RI or about 2 hours.  We pulled into the driveway at 12:30AM.

Got him into our room without waking our daughters and passed out with him between us, purring.

Michigan, there and back again, in 25 1/2 hours.  Go us.  Although we are not as young as we used to be so it took a few days to feel human.  Also, the car decided that it needed to visit the service center since we had abused it.

Introducing Phoenix, our new addition

wpid-20150920_182502.jpg wpid-20150921_204808.jpg wpid-20150923_143357.jpg


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