And then level 10

Gamer child got a level last week.  She ran a couple of quests with Daddy while I was at choir practice.  She is super excited.  We only have two more parts of Co6 so they went and repeated two quests on elite so that she got her level.

My baby is level 10!!!  Remember when level 10 was cap?  And then when it was halfway to cap?  And we had to play DDO in the snow with bare feet?

So Thursday night, we took her into Ataraxia’s Haven.  I love this place.  I love the quests and the outdoor area.  Completed Sykros’s Jewel on Elite and sent her off to bed.

It is hard balancing time to play with her with school the next morning.  Our city does two waves of elementary school buses.  Of course, her school is the early one.  She leaves the house at 7:30AM which means she has to get up at 6:30AM.  For elementary school.

Friday came and Gamer Child turned 12!!!!  WOOT!  As a geek household, she got her first phone.  Droid Mini.  She does Girl Scouts, Dance and volunteers at church without us so she did need a way to get a hold of us without bothering an adult.  She already has the text-walk down.

Friday night is usually high level raids like Fire on Thunderpeak, but in honor of Gamer Child’s birthday, we ran Tempest Spine.  Now, we originally went in on Normal when it was just 6 of us but we were OVERPOWERED when our group swelled to 8.  But that made it more fun!  She had a blast!  She carried all the stones and had to place them in the puzzle.  She managed to avoid getting knocked off, helped kill the Giant and looted some raid chests!

Next up……Vault of night!



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