Been quiet of late

Sorry for the quiet.  Been rough here at the Geek house.

September 1st sucks big donkey balls for us.  This was the 14th anniversary of the loss of our son, Alexander Joseph.  He was born with a birth defect called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  It is a birth defect that is present in the same number as spina bifida but has little public awareness.  The survival rate is 50/50 and while my son fought strong for 6 hours, he did not make it.  I only held him once.  So it took a few days to be back into wanting to play but that brought us to Back to School.

Back to school.  The bane of most parents’ existence.  Even more so when you have a special needs child and a school department and principal with their heads up their….well, you know.  It is dark.  Found out three days before school started that the special ed teacher left the school.  Don’t blame him.  Last year sucked.  But the principal and school department did not see fit to let the parents of the special needs kids know.  Spent two days on the phone.

Then Labor Day weekend.  I love that.  We traveled to visit family on Saturday.  It was our first Labor Weekend without my aunt who passed on my birthday in March.  Bittersweet but good to be with family.

But we came home that night to realize that our 14yr Egyptian Mau, Buggy was not going to make the weekend.  I woke Labor Day and made the decision to say goodbye.  I held him until he was gone and he purred in my arms as he passed.

So the last two weeks pretty much sucked.  But there are a few new things coming in the next few days.  Gamer Child had a birthday.  She got a level.  Ran another raid.  And I got a few cool things coming up….another podcast and guest blogging.  Looking for to sharing it with you all.

So sorry to be a Debbie-Downer but wanted to let peeps know that I was not abandoning the blog.


5 thoughts on “Been quiet of late

  1. House Of Grouse

    There are challenges we face in life and how we deal with them defines who we are. Gamer Girl must be incredible proud of her geek mom. You strike me as a strong individual and having faced a challenge or two in my life I find what you have been through moving. House of Grouse on the big g server salutes you.


  2. Paula

    Everyone is entitled to a break. Especially during this hard time you all are having. Take all the time you need. Prayers sent to you and yours.



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