Her first raid

I was going to blog about Gamer Child’s introduction to Sorrowdusk Isle on Monday, but that pales in comparison to her introduction last night.  My baby ran her first raid!  Sniff…sniff…tears of pride here.

We all logged on as Tuesday night is guild night.  The plan was to split into two groups and continue epic Gianthold.  However, Geoff invited Gamer Child into the group as he wanted to say hello.  But everyone started asking about dropping to her level.  Furious private tells were sent.  Geek dad was very leary and protective as any dad would be.  I put everyone on extreme warning with my Mommy voice and got lots of “Yes, mam!”  So it was decided to take her into her first raid, Chronoscope.  Luckily, there were nine of us on as my one condition was no pugging.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited she was when Geoff asked her if she was up to a raid.  She practically vibrated in her seat.  She was totally excited.

In we went on Elite!  I was very upfront in warning the guild that while we may have joked about me playing favorites with my healing in the past, ex.my husband, I would totally be playing favorites tonight.  Bring your own heals, folks.  I was watching my baby.

We had her do all the talking.  She loved the set of the quest in the familiar marketplace.  She followed the group with directions.  She did fabulous!!!!  She is in Geoff Hanna’s words, “a kick ass little tank.”  She crowed triumphantly when she delivered the kill on Bloodplate in the bank.  I pulled the Infested Armor and passed that to her in the chest.  She immediately put it on and was very happy with it.

The final battle was a blast as some were trying to figure out the tank when Geoff and I reminded them that Gamer Child actually had the most hitpoints…..so she tanked Voltron.

It was a blast. We won with zero deaths on Elite!!!!   An extremely happy preteen went to bed at 930EST.  I want to thank my guildies for making her first raid so successful and fun.  It was sweet how everyone jumped to roll to characters to play with her and I am impressed that we managed to keep it clean.  Well, impressed that I managed in any case, I am a bad example.  And yes, as any proud parent would take pictures of a child’s first anything, I have screenshots to prove it.




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