Stormcleave on a Sunday night

Another quiet night for the Halfling Commandos.  I blame the new version of the Walking Dead for that.  I am not a post-apocalyptic fan.  All I do is imagine trying to keep my girls safe and deal with my younger daughter’s autism while trying to run from zombies.  It is not good.  And my Geek Husband likes to sleep without being punched unconscious because I am having a nightmare.  Cause I may have done that early in our relationship.  Once.  Maybe.  I dunno.  I was asleep.

So, it was just the Geek Family on Sunday night.  So we attacked Stormcleave.  Another of my absolute favorite quests.  I adore Stormcleave.

It was a blast.  Half the time I had to stop to write down something that Gamer Child would say.

It was very disturbing to hear her say, “Wakey, wakey.  Eggs and bacey.”  when we went across the bridge and took a right to find the guys sleeping at the tents.  “Wake up and meet my sword!”  Perhaps I need to rethink how violently I wake her up in the morning from now on…..

“Minotaurs, ogres and bugbears, oh my!” was another quip.

“How do Giants play Hide ‘n Seek?  Peek-a-boo, I kill you?”

In the end, we have ransack and conquest.  We had done the optional at the end as well as killing all the mephits in the end room.

The family that slays together, stays together.


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