She is growing up so fast….

Sniff…sniff…she is growing up so fast.
I completed the Sharn Syndicate with our gamer child recently and added Delera’s Tomb to her account. We grabbed Daddy’s baby Warlock and headed into the first chapter.
What a wonderful feeling to have her listen to Gary Gygax and explain the impact he has had an all our lives!!! She would not exist without the creation of Dungeons and Dragons. I met her Daddy playing D&D tabletop. With a 10yr age difference between us, our paths would have never crossed without D&D and Gary Gygax.
We attack the first level, The Mystery of Delera’s Tomb and teach her to attack the Arcane Skellies first. She finally gets to use the UA item that Geoff Hanna made her while she was at Girl Scout camp. She was very excited. Get to the end, grab the bag and ended the quest. Complete the song and dance with Colam and end for the day.
She had leveled to 7 at the end of the first chapter and Daddy helped her level up and spend her action points!!!!
Next afternoon, we had Daddy grab his rogue for the traps in The Missing Party. I stopped at the AH and found TWO Maces of the Wraiths! Bought both and gave my Gamer Child one. Here we come Ghostly Skellies and Wraiths! We completed the quest including optionals. WOOT!
We complete the song and dance to advance the quest. Next up, THE SOUL LOCKS in Free Delera! Quest completed. Send the child off to bed and head over to quest with the guild.
Last night, we logged onto complete the Necro. We had done the song and dance with Hargo Kimmare the night prior and were ready to roll.
We had some problems with the traps, mostly because Gamer Child and I were not waiting for Daddy to disarm them. Bad us! We made it to the Necromancer’s gate. Get her set to just kill the Necro. He died easily. Thrall of the Necromancer completed. We have freed Delera’s soul!

Turn in the quest and get the Voice of the Master for our Gamer Child!!!!

She is only one bubble away from level 8. Where next to take our Gamer Child???


6 thoughts on “She is growing up so fast….

    1. judyenaz Post author

      That was my thought too. Would give us a huge chain of chains to run with her and another open area for her to explore. The Pit is also coming up soon!!!!



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