Fairy Guild Parents

So obviously, my gamer child is the youngest member of our guild.  She loves going on the Guild Ship for buffs.  Halfling Commandos is a small guild. (no short jokes allowed)  The folks keep guild chat clean when she logs on in deference to her youth.

The bonus for her is that everyone likes to trick down items to her.  Geoff Hanna crafted her an Underwater Action item and a Feather Fall item.  She was quite excited to see them in her mailbox.

Then last week, another guildie, Hanork, sent her a Planar Gird.  A PLANAR GIRD????  Damn if I was not jealous of my gamer child.  I have never pulled a Planar Gird.

Monday night, we were farming for shrooms in ToEE when Hanna’s Gamer Girl pulled a shield called The Horseshoe Crab Shield.  Super cute as it looks like a Horseshoe Crab.  Being from Rhode Island, we see those all the time.  Biomes, a marine biology center, has feeding times to hand-feed Horseshoe Crabs.  She told me that it was in the chest for Tessa.

At this rate, my gamer child, is going to be better geared than any other character in the guild.  Honestly, if you had to leave loot in the chest, who would you leave it for?

Hence, my gamer child has Fairy Guild Parents.


4 thoughts on “Fairy Guild Parents

  1. citiplaysddo

    I remember when I first started. I got to 6th, and then a random player let me run in Chronoscope with him. He killed all the things, I stayed up on the roof of The Rusty Nail (if I remember the name right), and then I got to loot all the end chests! I got the armor, boots, gloves, and bracers of the abishai collection, as well as the Gem of Many Facets! Boy, was I excited!

    I can only imagine how pumped she was when she got all teh things! Kudos for her!

    Also, I’ve never heard of a Planar Gird, so I don’t know what it is, but by the reactions I see here, it sounds pretty powerful and rare. That’s so awesome that your guild is giving her so many cool things!



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