The Sharn Syndicate

Monday and Tuesday morning in our Geek family was rough.  We were having a FA couple of days.  Those not in the know, FA stands for F&&K Autism.  My gamer child was showing some stress from it so while her sister was out of the house, I bought her The Sharn Syndicate expansion pack and took her on an adventure.

DDO has helped me reduce much of my stress from real life and I needed to give my gamer child some much needed one to one attention.  Geekdad was on a conference call.  So Off we went!

Stand Your Ground with Maxwell Statler went swimmingly on Hard.  We were both level 6 so I decided to ramp up the difficulty.  We had done all of 3BC on Normal because I wanted her to enjoy the game, not feel it was too difficult.

Next we ran over to Dirty Laundry.  I grabbed a hireling rogue to help with the traps.  She was not a bright bulb.  She liked to stand IN the trap while looking for it.  Either that or she really enjoyed the spike trap in a personal way.  But the trap was disabled.  The quest completed.  We were on a roll.

The Stormreaver Fresco was next on the list where we were betrayed by that warforged, Zircon.  That dirty rat! But we made it out of the bank without a problem.  Even on Hard.

Next up was The Bookbinder Rescue.  I had our useless hireling rogue to assist.  First fight, one of the Binders offed herself in the trap.  Thanks for waiting to be rescued.  Geekdad was off his conference call so we dragged his rogue into the quest with us.  First try, Grammah appeared in the hallway while we were in the rooms fighting.  Dead.  Take 3, we kill off everyone but Grammah Binder decided to bug and fall on top of the bookcase.  She had fallen and could not get up.  No matter how many times we tried, the old crone refused to budge and leave the house so that we could end the quest.  Sigh…..

So, that taught my gamer child two lessons.  One, quests bug.  Two, in-game support never showed.  So off we went to try Take 4.  Success.  Grammah leaves the building.  XP is awarded.  Only took four tries.

Repossession went easily.  Geekdad removed all the traps and we got maximum XP.  SWEET!

Last quest is usually my least favorite, Come Out and Slay.  But we had Geekdad and we were on a roll to finish.  Got into the tenements pretty quickly.  Bounced up the crates to run across the top and we dropped down.  By we, I mean my gamer child and I.  Geekdad was up top killing things.  He was close enough for the quest to end but died.  OOPSS.  Only a level 6 cleric so I could not rez him.  He had to recall.  Gamer child and I finished out and left Geekdad dead in the quest.  He was not on the chain anyways having only joined to get us through The Bookbinder Rescue.  He then announced,

“Dad never forgets.  Dad remembers The Sharn Syndicate”

Sorry sweetie.

We finished The Sharn Syndicate.  I had gamer child take the Nicked Longsword which she now LOVES.

The family that slays together, stays together.

Next up……Delera’s Tomb!


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