A cleric’s thoughts on the proposed death xp changes

I read the proposed changes last week and immediately thought of how they would effect me and playing my cleric.  I cannot read the forums at work and after volunteer moderating a birth board on Babycenter while pregnant in 2003,  I am gunshy about posting.  Think DDO forums can get nasty, imagine of bunch of pregnant women……they will put any geek to shame.

But I heard some of the concerns that other players had while listening to the DDO podcast.   Seems some folks were worried about clerics griefing by not healing other players.  I can see that as a valid concern, but would like to open it up to a different view.  That of the cleric.

I mostly play clerics.  I have at least 6 clerics at various levels.  Two are epic levels.  I have started to branch out by getting a fighter to level 10 and I have a long forgotten rogue at level 18.  But mostly when the guild rolls out to play, I am on a cleric.

Theadora was my first cleric and my second DDO character.  She has been around since 2006 so I have quite a few years of playing clerics.  I remember the days when death debt meant xp debt.  The more a character died, the more they de-leveled. This was when the Orchard was relaesed and the undead beholder quest bugged.  We had people spending hours in a tavern trying to recoup xp or not playing those characters until the death debt was recouped.  People would grt frustrated and blame the cleric for not keeping them alive.  I would always take those deaths personally and the griping always got me down.  I started refusing to play in pugs.  If was bad enough to take the grief from friends but adding strangers to that mix was upsetting.  I was so thankful when that was removed.

But still people complained when they died.  Even if you did everything in your power to keep someone alive, you are always to blame in someone’s eyes.  Not to mention that the same mobs are beating on the cleric and that there are other people in the party……Having everyone share in the xp loss balanced it out a bit.  Did anyone think the cleric wanted the xp loss?

People would wait forever for a cleric to join a pug raid.  No wonder.  All the work.  None of the fun.  This was before the days of people building their characters with self – healing.  It was brutal.   At that point, our guild was lucky with having at least two clerics already in the party.  Not counting Brynm.  But no one counts that cleric.

Now the proposed changes have only the person who died experience the xp loss.  And they are worried about cleric griefing?   I could possibly see that but very few people play clerics to intentionally let others die.  Sometimes a cleric has to keep themselves alive too.  Hard for a cleric to heal or raise when they are dead.  Now I have to worry about someone blaming again for them dying?  Great.  Not.  I already have a guildie with that issue.  I hate when people call out, “I need a heal!”  “No shit, Sherlock Holmes.  You and the rest of the party.  You aren’t dead yet.”  That may have been said in a recent raid.  But to be honest, I have gotten my 11 yr old not to whine during a quest.  A 50-something man should be able to deal.

I can understand how some people support the changes but right now, I am just worried about the effect it will have on the griefing of clerics more than clerics griefing others.  Although,  it depends on how much bourbon I have had during the raid.  Watch out for “push to giggle”.

Time will only tell if we see even LESS healers out there.

4 thoughts on “A cleric’s thoughts on the proposed death xp changes

  1. citiplaysddo

    When I first started, I played nothing but clerics. Mainly because it was the only way I knew to keep myself alive during a quest. Now, never again. I always got lots of hate, but when I played a cleric, it was overwhelming. Is it any wonder why I’m hesitant to join groups?

    also: YAY, CLERIC!

    Tis a wonder why nobody sees their own blame in their deaths. “Why didn’t you heal me?” Because YOU were the one that zerged through before the trapper could do his job. This means you suffer from the id10t disease, and I cannot help you. Thus, I did not heal you.

    “A doctor heals people. Medics just make them more comfortable while they die.” -Doc, Red vs Blue (Paraphrased)

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