Three Barrel Cove

So after getting advice from the community last week, I purchased the Three Barrel Cove  pack for my daughter.  After dinner I took her into the first part of Grey Garl and let her loose.  She had a blast.

Friday night has been epic raid night into Thunderpeak for everyone to collect their Dragon phlegms.  As the lfm was put up, I set her up with my Samsung tablet with the 3BC wiki map and let her loose into 3BC.

During the raid, I start getting tells. “Got a rare!” “Got another rare!”.  She is having a blast.  Unfortunately, we were slightly low on dps for the raid and were struggling.   As a cleric, I cannot stop to reply. 

More time goes by with more tells.  At this point, my daughter has racked up 5 rares in 3BC and is elated.  Thank goodness for the wiki maps.  They allow her to explore with an idea of where to head.  She closed down and came over to watch the end of our raid.  We managed to win.  It was not a pretty wjn.  We lost counts of the number of rez scrolls that the rogues were casting.   Both my husband’s Colwyn and Geoff’ Gamer Girl’s rogue spot heal, rez and in this raid, DRANK MANA POTS!!!  Epic rogues FTW.

Saturday afternoon, we were supposed to drive south into Connecticut to my cousin’s but the beach traffic was heavy.  Amanda, our younger daughter,  has traffic anxieties so the idea of traveling three hours with a child with autism having an anxiety attack was less than interesting.   So we stayed home. Off course, Tessa was disappointed so Daddy and I took her into 3BC to finish part 2 of Grey Garl before he took her to the new Lego Store at the Providence Place Mall.  How else do geek parents solve disappointment other than video games and Legos?  

Sunday and Monday night, she went in for kills while we hunted for shrooms in ToEE.  Got a tell, “What quest is down this mine shaft?  Because it is calling me to go into it.”  We tell her to leave Scoundrel’s Run alone and sent her towards the Fire Caves.  She tried it twice.  One, she died in the lava and the other, shecould not find the last altar to destroy.   She logged before we could jump up and show her.  She was tired.

Tuesday,  we attacked with a plan.  I told my husband that she had to work on a section of summer math.  She finished that after dinner, so as reward we ran her through both sections of the Fire Caves.

The family that games together, stays together.   As long as our daughter wants to play video games with us, we are there.


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        I’ve already reblogged the post, so you do not need to change this post. I just wanted to bring the title of the post to your attention so that future posts do not lack a title.


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