Where to go next?

Last night while we were running HH on our second epic characters,  my daughter decided to solo the 7th and last chapter of Splinterskull.   Told her to find herself a hireling cleric and give it shot.  Had to take a quick afk to show her the map icon for the hireling vendor as I could tell by her in-game tells that she was getting frustrated.   The ” Helpful. Not. :(” was a pretty clear plea.  Back to my game.  Daddy had to take the next quick afk to help her pick her first hireling.

I used the next shrine afk to pour drinks for hubby and I, and popped over to show her how to summon a hireling.  Off she went.  As we were fighting the hoard of skellies that popped when we pulled the sword from the giant in HH, she jumped and announced that she had done it.  Our baby girl solo’d the last part of Splinterskull!!!!!  Queue a choked up Geekmom.   So proud I almost forgot to heal the tanks.  Sorry babe.  Daddy helped her pick her end reward and we sent the happy warrior off to bed.

But now the question is where to take her next?  She is bored with Tangleroot having gotten all the rares, all the explorer points, and almost 600 kills.  She has the attention span of an 11yr old. Mostly because she is 11.  It has been forever since the game was new and shiny at that level.  We started March 2006.

I know she wants another open area.  Sorrowdusk or Three Barrel Cove?   I need to run her through Delera’s Tomb to get her an xp trinket.  She is level 5 so falls into those levels as we are doing everything on Normal.

Where would you take a newbie after Tangleroot Gorge?


9 thoughts on “Where to go next?

  1. grimorde

    I’d say 3BC – nice explorer area, some fun quests and decent loot for a first timer. Also there is the epic side of things when she finally gets there (which the way she’s going might not be that far away….)

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  2. Patrick

    if she is really into explorer areas look at the adventure compendium [P] and you can sort by level. Most (but not all) have quests in them.

    Side note: restless isles and eerie forest require a flagging of sorts, and restless isles is pretty maze like



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