Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be clerics

Paraphrasing an older country song,  but it holds true.

Last night after hunting for the last two rares that continue to remain elusive in Tangleroot Gorge, my daughter came to behind me as I played.  We were in ToEE Part 1 hunting shrooms for our lower level characters.  We were a bit over-leveled.  Just a smidgen really.  Well, maybe more than that.  Well, after all, it is their fault for letting high level adventurers in there in the first place.  What kind of discount rate security team does that Temple have?  I would recommend firing them all but we left no one alive,  I mean no one,  so that is a moot point.

This leisurely pace had me able to chat with her as we played.  She was exceptionally interested in who was who.  Had to point out the folks she knew, namely Geoff Hanna and his Gamer Girl.  She liked his Gamer Girl’s death acid aura.  She though was super cool.  She liked my Teodra’s bright blue hair.  I personally am found of that.  Changed it one night during the Shroud to see how long it took people to notice.  Good times.  She thought it funny to see her Daddy with hair.  Talked about our armor.  Thankfully she could not see mine which is rather risqué.   Teodra show a bit more skin than her Mommy.  There is no need to expose my bare white belly flesh to the world.  Besides, anyone would need a guild salon for that.

Then it was the character class discussion.  Meanwhile oodles and oodles of those cut-rate guards were dying for their Temple patrons.   It was as if they inviting us to loot their stuffs.  She liked the monk the most.  Thought it was cool to see him beating up the guards with nothing but his fists of fury.  I told her she had to learn first with her fighter before moving onto a monk.  Then came the awkward question., “Mommy, is playing a cleric fun?”.


I have written about this previously.  I still get giddy when I see Heals crit between my crit line and someone’s healing amp gear.  Four digit numbers are fun and it is cool to hear people say “You healed me for HOW much?”.  But lately we have had someone being a wee bit cranky when he dies during a quest.  He seems to think that there is only a certain number of times he should die on an EH Level 30 quest.  If he dies more than this, he sort of refuses to engage.  Do you know what it is like trying to play with someone only coming out of sneak mode to loot???  Now, we all like this friend.  And like when your IRL friends get moody, you try to be supportive.  Ignore the bad days and enjoy the good.  But in an EH quest, it can be draining.  He is also rather sensitive too, so comments are not helpful.   So playing a cleric at the epic levels has been no fun lately.


But I like watching my implosions melt the bad guys. LOVE  the sound that it makes.   Love using Divine Punishment otherwise known to our guild as Divine Penetration. (Now THAT is a funny story)  Got to love all the purple DOTs going off on the bad guys.  Add some searing light and I am a happy cleric. But hard to use your blue bar for fun in harder quests when you worry about letting people die.  Sigh.

So, no baby, clerics can sometimes not be fun.  And I would much rather you learn to play the game swinging a sword and having to only worry about yourself.  Learn to enjoy the the game.  Beat down the monsters.  Win the day.  Be glorious.

And so,



5 thoughts on “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be clerics

  1. ddomicki

    🙂 with the easy healing available, my cleric took the offensive route over healer route around the time when epic gianthold came out. Now she expects ppl to self heal, and gets testy if they don’t.

    P.S. 😛 can I be dirty and dp = double penetration?

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