DDO Friends

I had a rough morning yesterday.   I had logged on during lunch to kill a certain Drow Priestess over and over again.  But had logged on last night because our guild leader originally had plans to attend a concert and had asked us to help some guildies last night.

When we logged on, the group was already in Schrinfsskfkfll aka Sschindrylryn.  They had not made the outdoor concert due to extreme heat.  I told him that hubby and I would go do something else so that we did not have to break up a full group.  We sometimes do not log on Tuesday for that reason.  Geoff gave me the out to spend the night on the couch but then insisted that we break into two groups with his Gamer Girl joining us with another guildie.

We then raced each other’s group to finish.  We ran all the Sschindrylryn quests including the capstone during which his Gamer Girl and I chatted in pms about my day.

You know those friends who call you to talk or go out even when you do not feel like it?  The ones that are there to listen?  I have those friends through my guildies.  Geoff knew I needed to play to vent off steam and his Gamer Girl was there to lead us through a mad dash of the Underdark.  It was a satisfying run with the screams of the dying Drow in our hears.  Only ruined by the whiny voice of Ana and Elminster otherwise known as TSTL (too stupid to live) and El-uslesster.

Got to love those friends that are there when you need them.


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