DDO Salons

Based on some of the cosmetic armor kits in DDO, there must be some thriving personal care salons in Stormreach.  I know for a fact that Teodora could not wear this armor in public with getting some regular waxing done.


So, the question is, where they?  Let’s think…..

Certainly not House K.  Can you imagine dwarves getting a Brazilian?  Shudder!  As it is, there is that dwarven cleric hireling, Flower, in the cheerleading armor kit.  No one should see that much bare dwarf.


House D.  Nah….too busy with martial training.  Those ladies could crack your spine.

House J is closer.  But way too much serene and more focused on their inner selves.  Never mind the undead crawling from their graves.

My bet is on House P with all the performers, acrobats and bards.  Surely somewhere in House P one could find a beautician.

Now, the case can be that the higher level guild ships would have access to their own beauticians.  Especially the guild ships that have their own spas.

I know of armor kits that show even more skin.  Geoff Hanna’s Gamer Girl has one that is so revealing that she wears the Druid spell around her when in group.  And Geoff has a set that we harassed him over during a quest, telling him to put some clothes on.

Do you have a great armor kit?  Share what it is!!!


4 thoughts on “DDO Salons

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